Gear Profile II: Minolta x-700

My Minolta x-700

Here's my Minolta x-700


  • 35mm SLR
  • Manual, aperture priority, and programed automatic exposure modes
  • Hot shoe
  • Exposure compensation (±2)
  • Horizontally-traveling cloth shutter, up to 1/1000sec
  • Lenses: MD Rokkor-X 45mm 1:2, Tokina 35-70mm 1:4
  • Accessories: extension tubes (12, 20, and 36mm)

my minolta gear

Minolta lenses and extension tubes

This x-700 is also a more recent acquisition. My friend’s son hadn’t used film for some time so decided to find a loving home for his Minolta. I have used my dad’s x-570 before I getting this one, and I loved the sound of the shutter makes; it has a loud ‘clunk’. It’s so satisfying to hear, like Ikea furniture clicking into place. The metering on this camera is easy to use and consistent. One feature of Minolta’s SLRs that I like is the shutter button. It doesn’t need a half press to meter, you just need to touch it. I’ve accidentally fired the shutter on my Canon A-1 a few times while trying to meter, not with the Minolta. All round a good film SLR. I’ll be keeping an eye out for a faster 50mm lens to suit it up with.

Anybody have experience with this camera? Let me know what you like most about it in the comments, or better yet, leave a link to some pictures taken with one!


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