HP5 Plus with Ilfosol 3

braced for the cold

this is my favorite of the batch

This is my first batch of 120 that I’ve developed at home. I ran some HP5+ through my Yashica-D and shot at box speed. The only developer I have at home right now is Ilfosol 3. The Massive Dev Chart gave me a time of 6:30 with a 1+9 solution. Overall I’m impressed with the results. The contrast isn’t as strong as I was expecting, but more what I wanted. The grain was great. Just the right amount to add some texture but not so much to detract from the subject. I just developed some expired HP5+ 35mm film and am waiting for the scans to get back. I’ll be sure to post that soon to compare the results.

playground car

the grays felt nice and smooth

hotdogs and cheese

i was very pleased with how versatile hp5+ is. indoors isn't a problem and the grain looks great at box speed.

Anybody have a favorite developer to use with HP5+? Do you shoot with it at the box speed, 400, or do you like to push it? Any experience working with expire black and white film? Let me know in the comments!


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